In case you feel a little nervous about visiting a new church, we put this page together to help you know ahead of time what you can expect during your visit with us.

What Our Services Are Like

If you get to church before 10 AM, you’ll find a fair a lot of our members already there fellowshipping. You are very much welcome to join us in that fellowship too! At 10 AM our praise and worship team starts to play and afterward Pastor Ed opens service with a prayer and short announcements.

Pastor Ed then asks everyone to stand and greet one another, and we spend 10 minutes in further fellowship. After that, a member of the worship team will come up and play a song while an usher collects prayer request and praise report slips, and tithes and offerings. Once the song finishes, Pastor Ed delivers his message, which on average last around 45 minutes.

The Praise & Worship team play one final song and snacks and refreshments are served in the lobby for further fellowship.

How Long Our Services Last

Most services are wrapped up by 11:30 AM.

What You Can Expect from Our  Style of Worship

As cool as pipe organs are, you won’t find one at Perry Assembly of God. What you will find is plenty of good contemporary Christian worship songs and a praise and worship team consisting of three guitarists, two vocalists, one bass guitarist, one saxophone player, and one clarinet player! We love to praise the Lord at Perry Assembly of God!

What is Typical Attire

We are a 100% bonafide “come as you are” church. Most of our members wear jeans and casual shirts to service.

Is Child Care Available?

We have activities and classes for school-aged children in elementary and middle school. We also have an attended nursery for preschoolers, toddlers, and even infants.